Link Spam Policy

Potential wiki creators and contributors, please read the following...

All submitted wikis will be manually reviewed for link spam. What is link spam? "Link spam is defined as links between pages that are present for reasons other than merit" (Wikipedia). Basically, if you are building a wiki just to link to another website to improve its ranking in search engines, let me stop you before you start; your efforts will be wasted! Here are our rules:

  • All new wikis are screened manually
  • All new wikis that are waiting to be screened will have the noindex robots tag
  • This means, Google will not index your page until we have reviewed it.
  • All wikis, both screened and un-screened, have rel="nofollow" links attached to every A HREF tag
  • This means, search engines will not pass along any page rank from our website to the site you want to link to
  • All wikis are reviewed by a robot on a daily basis to find potential link spam violations
  • All wikis found to violate the link spam policy will be blocked along with their creator's account

These measures are enforced to keep WikiFoundry running smoothly for the users who are creating wikis and contributing ideas in good faith.
Thank you!

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